A Wife, A Mother, A DJ

Blessed on blessed is how I feel when I think about my family. My husband, our daughter and this bun in the oven are my pride and joy. I’ve always wanted a family of my own and to have all of us together, healthy and happy, is truly a dream come true! My happiness has always revolved around having it all.

Nothing or no one ever kept me from believing I couldn’t have it all. “It all” means to me, being happily married, having kids, having their and my health in tact and a successful career that drives me. There’s a great deal in my professional life I’d love to pursue and accomplish. Currently, I’m full force ahead pursuing my passion as a DJ and as anyone can imagine there’s a difficulty in the balancing act. I like to think that I’m succeeding at mastering that balancing act by focusing on what I can do rather than what I can’t do.

The lifestyle of a DJ doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with a homemaker. To be taken seriously as a DJ, you have to have the skills and be relevant. To be relevant you have to put yourself out there. Be present. Be around the atmosphere in which you hope to perform in the near future. That might be difficult for a woman who is 5 months pregnant. Being in a nightclub, pregnant, is not the safest thing to do so I have to get creative. I make it my business to follow DJs who are pioneers in the game. I listen to their mixes, follow them on social media and study their career moves. When I can I will get out to hear them play live. Listening to other DJs is a big part in any DJ’s development. At this point, I still have a great deal of friends who are avid party goers and I’ve gone as far as to send them along with a recorder just so I can keep up on what gets the crowd moving and any new music I may not have heard.

In addition to listening to other DJs I’m working hard to build my brand. I’m working with a close friend on my logo, website and securing my social media presence. I still practice everyday and create mixes to upload so my supporters can hear my progress and what I’ve been working on. I am constantly reading about other DJs’ rise through the ranks and watching videos on tips and tricks to help me better my skills. The tools are at my fingertips and it would behoove me to take full advantage! I may not have my full time gig in the city’s hottest nightclub but it won’t discourage me from believing if given the opportunity & right time, I could do it.

I say all this to say: Timing is everything but sometimes we sabotage the things we want because we use current circumstances as an excuse to not pursue our dreams. That can’t be my story. I refuse to let it. Check your fear and reservations at the door and focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t!



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